Greetings! here's the deal., the website I have been running since 2000 was tremendously hacked sometime last year and as a result, I ended up scratching the website.  I am moving the site back to a more controllable animal than it was and am asking that if you have a poetry venue that would like to have it posted on the site, I would greatly appreciate a little help.

Please email with your venue information. To help you with what information we need, please copy/paste the following into an email with the title "Poetry Reading/Venue Submission"

Name of reading series (what you call yourself):
Type of reading series (open mic?  poetry slam?  featured poet only showcase?):
Name & Address of venue (where the reading is held - include city and state please):
Frequency of reading (weekly/monthly/semi-monthly - list day of week):
Time of reading: (start and finish time, please include AM & PM)
Cover charge (how much it costs to get in):
Host(s) name:
Contact person(s) name & email address:
Website for reading (if any):

Please note: As I receive new information, I'll try my best to get the information up as quickly as possible.  This is a one-woman operation, so please bear with me. The site is only as good as the information on it, so keep it updated. Meaning if you know a venue is no more, email us!  Know of one that should be on there...let us know!!  The site is nothing without YOU.

Thanks ahead of time. Peace :)

Delrica Andrews
Founder & Site Manager of 4 Luv of Poetry (